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Icons. James Bond Icons.

We are devoted to the creation and the sharing of icons, avatars, graphics and even fan art that relates to the popular James Bond 007 franchise ... movies, video games, novels etc ...

The rules here are very simple:

= Comment if you are taking an icon.
= Credit when you use the icon you've taken.
= NO advertising of any kind unless you have permission.
= Please refrain from using "secret links" and "fake LJ cuts".
= James Bond icons ONLY. Please do not post multi-fandom icons.

Strictly NO advertising of any other icon communities (also including personal icon journals), groups, sites, etc will be allowed within this community without permission from a moderator first. Any messages which are posted to this community that contain unauthorized advertising, spamming, unrelated material, as well as "fake LJ-Cuts" or "secret links" are subject to deletion at the moderators disgretion. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this or anything else please feel free to send an email to either one of the following email addresses: jamesbond.lj@gmail.com or communitycrew@gmail.com and one of the moderators will get back to you as soon as possible.

Don't forget to label your icons appropriately:

= Up for grabs, share, etc; - icons available to anyone who wishes to use them.
= Display, show, etc; - icons that the creator is posting as a sample of their work.
= Special request, gift, etc; - icons that have been especially created for someone.

When posting more than four icons or any images of a large size, please remember to post those to the community behind an LJ-Cut. Any images that could be considered "not work safe" or "not work friendly" must be posted behind an LJ-Cut as well. Anything that could possibly be considered a "spoiler" must be posted behind an LJ-Cut and labled with a spoiler warning (the subject heading of your post is an appropriate place to do this). And once again, would you please refrain from using "secret links" and "fake LJ cuts". Any unmarked spoiler posts or any entries that link back to other communities or personal journals for icons are subject to deletion, as are any entries that contain any icons that do not relate to the subject of this community. If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything please contact the mods. Thanks!

Moderators: secretagentbond and kryceksfox.
Email Contact: jamesbond.lj@gmail.com or communitycrew@gmail.com

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